Disable Default Full Screen Mode Of Block Editor For WordPress

This is a quick video on how you can disable the block editor which now loads in full-screen mode by default in WordPress since version 5.4. If you add a new post on WordPress, you will find that the block editor now opens in a full-screen mode. This was actually added to provide a distraction free environment for the users to add the content.

To disable this full-screen mode of Block Editor on WordPress follow this steps :-

  • Click on the Three Dot Menu on the Top right hand side corner of the Page
  • Uncheck the full screen mode
  • To again revert to full screen mode, simply Click on the Three Dot Menu and Select Full Screen Mode.

You can also go through the video given below for further reference.

To know more about the new features released in WordPress 5.4, kindly visit our blog post here

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