7 Content Writing Tips To Write Content That Resonates With Audiences

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Writing content for your website can be difficult. There are so many things to think about! Before you even start writing, you have to make sure that the title is catchy enough for users to click on it in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You are faced with many questions. How do you write content that resonates with your audience? What are the best tips for creating content that people will want to read and share? How to optimize your content for SEO?

While writing a blog, you also need a description of what the blog will say without giving away too much information and spoilers. After all of this, you have finally made it to the content itself and now you’re struggling with how best to organize your thoughts or write something unique and interesting

This blog post has my personal 7 content writing tips on how to write content that appeals to audiences. 

7 Content Writing Tips

1) Use an opening hook to grab the reader’s attention

Hooks are an excellent way to start off your post with a bang. Whether you use something funny, touching or controversial is up to you! Some effective hooks include: “Nostalgia and I have always had a complicated relationship, etc. Hooks helps you grab the attention of your audience.

As a content writer, you should always use an opening hook to capture the reader’s attention and lead them into what you are trying to say.

Examples of Hooks :

  • “I’m here to talk about how you can be a content writing success!”
  • “The reason I am telling you this? It’s because it’s true.”
  • “If only all companies knew these three things, the world would be a much better place”

It helps if your opening hook has a little bit of mystery to it.


  • “You know what your article needs? More emotion!”
  • “Here are six things you can do right now to create better article.”
  • “Do you find yourself wondering when the last time was that you wrote a blog post?”
  • “What do you do when inspiration just isn’t there?”
  • “The secret is out! Here’s how content writers can beat writer’s block.”
  • “You won’t believe what I found!”

2) Create a target audience

Writing for target audience helps ensure that the content is relevant to them and they will find it interesting.

You can use these questions to figure out what you have to say. For example,

  • Know who your target audience is
  • Understand how your content can meet their needs or solve a problem for them
  • Keep in mind what kind of person they are, what their interests may be, where you think they hang out online
  • Find ways to make your article more exciting, like through humor or extreme examples
  • Consider the goal you’re trying to reach for each piece of content and make sure it aligns with that.

3) Make It Easy to Consume and Share

Some articles are just too complicated to read. For example, if you’re writing about a law that has been recently changed then it might be hard for the average reader to understand.

To make your content more digestible and share-able: If you have graphs or pie charts, put them in an image rather than words. A recent survey by unbounce showed that reading ease affects your conversion.

You can utilize audio and video in a blog post to make your content more interesting and digestible. You can also publish content on social media, which will increase its visibility for targeted audiences.

For easy consumption:

  • Write in a way that is natural and conversational
  • Include data, statistics or other facts to support your blogs
  • When you’re writing long form blogs, consider breaking it up into paragraphs so people can skim through easier. It’s good for the person reading too because they don’t have to keep scrolling down when they find something

4) Focus on Benefits, Results and Outcomes

When you’re writing article about a product or service that your company offers then it’s important to focus on what the reader will get out of the blog.

As you’re writing article, make sure that your goal is clear: What do you want the reader to do after reading this article?

There are many different things they could be doing but what’s most important for the content writer is how it will benefit them. For example

  • They’ll learn how to increase their conversion rates by X%.
  • They’ll learn how to generate more leads.
  • They’ll find out about a new product coming soon, etc.

It’s also important for the content writer to clearly understand what they want their reader to do and then make sure that those actions are in alignment with the purpose of your posting.

5) Make it Trustworthy

One of the most important things content writers can do is ensure that their content sounds trustworthy. That’s not always an easy thing to do, but it starts with ensuring you’re using credible sources for your information.

You also want to make sure any data or statistics are backed up by trusted research and resources as well as explain how these numbers were arrived.

If you use any content that is not yours or if it’s been published elsewhere, make sure to cite the original author. All of these points are equally important for ensuring your content feels trustworthy and as a result will resonate with readers.

Credibility is important to content success.

6) Write content around customer pains, not product benefits

If you want to write content that resonates with audiences, then don’t just talk about your products.

Talk about what the customers are going through and how they might be able to solve their pain points by using your company’s product as a solution. It is important for you to think about this difference.

You are not selling your product, you are solving a problem for the customer that they might be able to identify with and want to fix in their life.

The article should provide an answer or solution, such as: –

  • What is causing the pain point?
  • If there’s something wrong with it, how can it be fixed?
  • What are the benefits of fixing it?
  • How can customers fix this problem with your product or service (or at least a similar one)?

For example, if you’re in the fitness industry and looking to write content that resonates with audiences about why they need to work out more.

Instead of talking about your products, you talk about the benefits of working out and how it can make someone’s life better. Article should also be related to your company or product, such as

  • What is a common pain point for this industry?
  • How does our company offer a solution that solves this problem?
  • What are some statistics on why this problem is happening, and how our product or service can fix it?
  • What are the benefits of fixing this pain point with our company’s products/services?

7) Create original content.

Use a talented, experienced writer to produce quality blog posts for your company blog as well as any other written content consumers will encounter on your website.

If you are not able to hire an in-house writer or don’t have budget available, look into outsourcing the work by reaching out to freelance writers that specialize in your niche .

It’s also important to realize that content should not be written in a vacuum. The idea of writing content without any feedback from the community you’re trying to reach is misguided and will lead to poorly targeted content at best, or complete failure as your audience isn’t interested in what you have to say at worst.

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