5 Features To Ask For New Website

Things to Ask Website Designer

If you are planning to create new website here are few quintessential features that you should ask for,  from your website design agency provider.  While having a responsive website design is pre-requisite for any new website made there are other features that should not be overlooked while designing your new website in 2019.


Although it doesn’t come directly under the ambit of website development, but make sure that your website has SSL. Google has made it mandatory for websites to have SSL. Sites not having SSL are marked insecured in Google Search Engine and also get lower search engine ranking position compared to sites having SSL. For websites built with WordPress, Really Simple SSL plugin does the job quite nicely


AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. In simple words it’s a stripped down html page that is aimed to give faster and better user experience to mobile users. The content is cached on Google servers and helps to give user seamless experience on their mobile.  In case if you are searching for news on Google search, you should see results with Lightning bolt sign. That is AMP. If you are developing your website on wordpress, making your site AMP compatible is as simple as installing a simple AMP plugin. AMP pages also get better Page Speed Score on Google Page Speed Insights.


Come on let’s face it. You need your website to load fast for your users. Google Survey shows that more than 50% of users leave your website if it takes more than 3 -5 seconds to load. Implementing Caching on your site can help to dramatically improve your page loading speed. Plugins like Auto Optimize, W3 Total Cache can help you if you are designing your website on WordPress. Various other features like leveraging browser cache, Optimizing Images via CDN etc


This perhaps should the first pre-requisite for designing new website, we know. Unless you are found on Google, making a site serves no purpose. Plugins like Yoast SEO  or All in One SEO pack helps you to properly optimize your website for SEO purposes. Having proper meta title, meta description, sitemap, Scheme and focus keywords helps you get better rankings in Google

Social Media Integration

People generally check reviews / feedback of your company / brand before approaching you. It becomes important that you have active social networks on all popular platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Linkedin, Youtube to market yourself/ your brand.  Ensure that you have social media icons active on your website. If required, you can also install plugins that show social network icons on your posts / pages as well.

There are still many more points that should be considered while designing new website. But these are more important points that should not be overlooked while you are planning to make your new website.

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