15 Main Advantages of Using Facebook Ads for Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook ads are a powerful tool for marketing your business. It is estimated that more than one billion people use Facebook each day, so it’s an excellent place to market your company and increase revenue. In this post we will discuss the 15 main advantages of using Facebook Ads for marketing.

Proven Method for More Sales

It is a proven method of generating new leads.  During a recent survey, the majority (65%) said that Facebook ads helped them generate more sales, with 90% saying it increased traffic to their websites and blogs by at least 30%.  Facebook ads are a tried and tested method  of marketing. There are plenty of success stories that you can refer to, which have been covered in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine

Targeted Ads

Facebook can be used for targeted ads.  This means that you can target your ads based on age, gender and where they live. You could also look at what pages have liked to show them more relevant content . Using facebook you can target the right people.  For example, if you are a clothing shop and want to sell your clothes internationally; Facebook will allow for country targeting. With this option the people who see it on their newsfeeds have more of a chance that they live in one place rather than scattered over different continents.

 Simplify Buying Process

Facebook Ads helps to simplify the buying process.   In the past, if you wanted to buy something from a company’s website and didn’t know about it before all that one would have done is search for their ads in Google. But now with Facebook Ads everyone can see your ad whether they’re on facebook or not which simplifies buying process

Creates Loyalty

Facebook Ads helps businesses  to create loyalty by  sending out promotions, special offers and other messages to existing customers. It’s a way of building rapport with them

Highly receptive

The Facebook ads are highly responsive because they can be customized according to consumers’ tastes or preferences  which makes it easier when targeting people who have expressed interest in your company before on facebook .

Generate Higher Conversions

Facebook ads help to generate higher conversions  because it’s a more targeted form of advertisement than other forms. Facebook ads can be customized according to interests and preferences which helps when targeting people who have expressed interest in your company before on facebook

Allows measurement & tracking

The advantage with the ad is that you are able to use data about how well they perform  based on demographic, geography or behavioral information. Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are easy for marketers and management teams alike as everything is tracked clearly. Facebook also enables conversion tracking so it will show when someone has completed what was requested by clicking through from your ad; these conversions could be signing up using their email address filling out contact form etc., downloading content etc.

Facebook Ads is a method where your ROI (Return on Investment) becomes visible quickly because it provides instant feedbacks about the campaign being run  – like whether somebody has clicked an ad or not.”] You’re able track performance metrics including impressions per click over time for each individual product; how many people were reached by advertising content from pages they liked etcetera.] This helps marketers make informed decisions based off data rather than assumptions.’ It’s also possible measure conversion rates – what percentage (%) did this get converted into sales?”

Works Across Devices

Facebook ads can be viewed on any device,  including desktop computer and mobile devices. The only difference is that they will likely have to switch between the Facebook app or browser depending what type of phone they are using.

Reaches out Wide Audience

because it’s free for people with a facebook account (which has over one billion monthly active users) it reaches an audience who may not otherwise know about your company without spending money in other advertising channels.

Ability to Retarget

Facebook Ads gives ability to retarget ,  which is a form of advertising where you show ads to people who have previously visited your website. This marketing technique helps with customer retention and can be set up so that the user doesn’t see any more advertisements from companies they’ve already purchased items or services for

A/B Testing

Facebook Ads also give the ability to do A-b testing, which means an advertiser will test two slightly different versions in order to determine what ad gets better conversion rates over time (i)e., if one colour appeals best then it should get increased exposure). Not only does this let businesses know what’s working but it’s really informative too! Being able to use data like how many likes something received on Instagram provides invaluable information about content quality as well.

Reach a Young Adult audience

Facebook helps you to reach a young adult audience.  The demographic of Facebook users is mostly between 18-34. So, in case your products appeal to young  adults, then Facebook is a perfect choice.

Use In Other languages

The languages currently supported by Facebook include English, French, Spanish , Portuguese, German, Arabic & Plenty more

Cost-effective way of marketing:

PPC is an effective and efficient method to market your business. It’s also very affordable, you can spend as much or little on Facebook Ads that suits the budget requirements for each particular campaign which makes it more flexible than other methods like TV commercials where one has no control over how many times their commercial will be aired in comparison with social media platform suchs Google AdWords (which offers dynamic pricing) .You may start off small but still get good returns from every dollar spent because there aren’t any upfront costs involved when using PPL campaigns against investing huge sums all at once into expensive traditional advertising channels.

Run Ads for Specific posts

You can run facebook ads for specific posts which makes it easy to target and drive traffic  to a post that you are hoping to promote. The social media site is also great for building brand awareness and making the customer feel like they’re part of your company’s community since people spend time on Facebook every day, which means their customers may be there too

We are experts in Facebook Ads and can help your business reap the benefits of using this platform to promote your brand and grow. So in case you want to promote your product or service then you should contact us and we will help your business make the best of social media marketing.

So, what are waiting for? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about Facebook Ads!

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