Janta Curfew & Timer

Prime Minister Modi has asked us all to observe Janta Curfew on Sunday March 22, 2020 from 7am to 9pm. Personally, I think it’s a primer to future lockdowns that might happen if spread of Corona Viruses increases. It’s a nice initiative to enforce Social Distancing. Hope you all observe the Janta Curfew and do your bit.

While drafting this post, I thought how I could use this opportunity to help my subscribers get some tips / techniques that they can use while drafting their own email marketing campaign. I felt this post is best suited to showcase the use of “CountDown Timers” in emails. Did you know, you can actually embed live timers in your emails. Countdown Timers take advantages of the principle of scarcity & urgency. If used correctly & wisely in emails, it can help you get more conversions / sales.

Case Scenario

  • If you have an event, you can use countdown timers in email  to send discounts to users registered for event for next 24 hours, 2 days etc.
  • If you are selling some services, you can bundle free addons if proposal are signed within next few days etc.

The possbilities are limitless. We use countdownmail.com timers for our email marketing campaigns.  So next time, if you need to draft emails, think if you can/should timers in your emails.

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