Reduce PageSize For Faster Websites

In last few months, I have come across many business owners, startups, professionals etc. who have built their website on their own or outsourced it. I am happy to see people are now realizing the importance of having an online presence. Many have made great website and also harnessed the power of social media to get more visibility, more outreach and also more leads.

I have written this  blog post to stress the importance of PAGE SIZE. It’s the most crucial element of your website, but many neglect it or are unaware of it.

It’s great to have an attractive website. A great looking website grabs everyone’s attention and also attracts more business. That said, how many of you actually look and analyze final home PAGE SIZE of your website after its completed.? It’s as important as having a great looking website.

Website like tools.pingdom.com lets you analyze your website PAGE SIZE. For any site that we develop, we try to ensure that the site is below 2-3MB. Check your website today on Pingdom and find out your PAGE SIZE. If it’s more than 2-3MB, please try to compress images, enable compression, minify etc. Get in touch with your developer / google how to do it. A low PAGE SIZE ensures that the website loads faster and decreases bounce rate. It’s indirectly helps in SEO as well. 

WordPress has popular plugins like SMUSH, Autoptimize which can make the work relatively simple. services like tinypng.com , compressor.io helps you compress images that you wish to upload to your website.

So what are you waiting for? Analyze your website on Pingdom Tools and start optimizing your Page Size.

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