How To Convert Local Client That Use Only Whatsapp for Business

Reason To Use  Whatsapp For Online Business

I was called for a meeting at a client’s office. The reference was a classmate and a relative of the client. He felt that the website would help his relative to get more business but was unable to convince the same.
Before pitching any solution, I was eager to understand the business nature of the client and how he got business from others.

The Conversation

Client: “I deal with handbags & watches. I have a shop where I sell these items. People visit my shop and buy it”
Me: “What about sales through an online medium ?”
Client: “I usually post my items on various Whatsapp group / Facebook group. People look at products and message me if interested”
He now looks at me and says “I don’t require a website. I am getting good business. Why would I incur additional costs and make a website?”
The conversation went on. The main points that I discovered that was stopping this particular client to have a website and rely solely on “Whatsapp Marketing’” were: The business was doing good. Why invest more?
Few items were exclusive and were shown only to specific customers. He didn’t want to show those specific items to all.

Reasons to Use Website As Well For Onliness Business

After listening to him I came up with the following points

  • Having a website wasn’t going to affect his existing business. He could continue with his existing style of marketing. A website would complement his business and increase his bottom line.
  • Posting photos/images on various Whatsapp group / Facebook group isn’ it chaotic? If you are posting more than 50+ photos in the group, and rest are doing the same – how much of it would be actually seen?
  • Having a special catalog for selected customers is pretty easy in WordPress. This could help him to send a particular link to specific customers only to view such products
  • Also, the website could help him create a proper sales funnel and provide a medium for lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Whatsapp & Businesses In India

While many of my overseas clients are surprised by the way Indians here are using Whatsapp medium for business by creating groups/broadcasts. People send their catalog, brochures, product information through this group/ broadcast and get immediate response from prospective buyers.
Yes, Whatsapp helps to grow your business. In fact, I myself have installed Whatsapp chat button on various websites to facilitate easier conversation among users and client.It is important to note, however, Whatsapp cannot replace all the functionalities of a Website. Whatsapp can complement a website, but in the long run – the website would the first point of contact for your user. For business owners, starting off with WhatsApp is good. But, remember having a website will help you grow your business faster.

There were more than 100’s of the reason I gave this client to use a website. Nowhere did I pitch my solution. I just made him understand the ways by which he can increase his business substantially.The chaos part coupled with sales funnel lead nurturing & marketing automation convinced him to think about it. Fast forward, we indeed make a website for him.In case you have a business with no website & primarily depend on Whatsapp for sales, think about it. In case you have a few questions/doubts feel free to contact me. I will try my best to answer your doubts.

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