How to Optimize Existing Blog Post, With Tips and Tricks

If you have already published a blog post but want to make it better, this article is for you. You might be wondering what could make your content more exciting and engaging. The truth is that many things can do just that, including adding new images or video clips, changing the headline or introduction of the post, making sure all of the links work correctly – and so much more! This article will go over some of these top 10 tips and tricks for optimizing an existing blog post.

Use SEO Plugin Link Rank Math / SEO Press To Optimize Existing Blog Post for SEO

You can optimize your post by using an SEO plugin like Rank Math / SEO Press. It will help you reach the top of search engine results pages and make sure that all posts get optimized for keywords. You can also include the keyword in the title to optimize search engine results pages (SERPS).  

Another great tip when optimizing content with keyword phrases or long-tail keyphrases is to include them as part words within titles too – not just at either end.”

Add Relevant Schema Markup To Optimize Existing Blog Post

Schema markup is another way to optimize your blog post content. It will ensure that the search engine spiders can see what type of information you provide and rank it accordingly. It also helps with SEO by adding keywords or phrases in a structured format, so they show up higher on Google’s results pages.” “You should include Schemas when posting about products, services, events etc.” – this would be especially helpful! So schedule those dates s the content goes out at different times :) .”

Add Images With Relevant Alt Tags To Your Post

Adding a relevant image to your post is one of the most effective ways to make it more exciting and engaging. The best way for this would be by adding an appropriate alt tag that will describe what’s actually in said picture, so people know exactly how they should feel when looking at them without having read anything else on their screen! You might also want some images with quotes or captions underneath – either ones from yourself about something related (or not) as well; these are great because readers often like reading things other than just text-based content all day long, which makes sense since we’re surrounded by screens 24/hours per se nowadays anyway :)

Add Table of Content To Your Existing Blog Post

Adding a table of content to your existing blog post can improve your blog post by making it easier for readers to find what they are looking for. Adding a table of content can enhance your blog post by making the process more efficient and less time-consuming and making sure visitors don’t get lost in a sea of words!

Sample Table of Content can be: Introduction (Table Of Content) | Section One – What is X? The first thing you should know about x…|Section Two- How do I get started with this new skill or hobby? Where can I find resources online…? etc.).

You could also include links in these introductions to have easy access right from there if they want more information later down their reading path. It’s important not only what we say but how well organized our thoughts appear too! So take some time organizing those ideas into an outline before writing.

Add Social Media Icons to Enable Users To Share Your Blog Post

Adding social media icons to your blog post can improve the reach of content. Adding a share button on every page or having one for each central section is crucial. It allows readers and visitors interested in what you have written about from that particular area more easily find out how they might be able to make this information go viral!

Add Reading Time, TL: DR to your existing blog post.

Reading time is a great way to let readers know how long it will take them to read your post. It’s also important for bloggers who are trying to get their blog posts shared on social media, as many people won’t share something that takes too much of an investment in terms of reading length. TL;DR stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read” and can be used instead when you want the reader to have a quick summary without having all those details they don‘t need!

Create A Short Video / Slide / Infographic Regarding Your Blog Post

You can convert your existing blog post into the video to help you get more traffic. This video can be posted on YouTube or other social media sites, and you will have a new way to reach your audience! In case you can’t create a video, you can make A Slide Presentation Regarding Your Blog Post.

You could also create an infographic about the topic of one blog post. It is excellent for visual learners, as it provides them with detailed information in easy-to-read graphics! Infographics make fantastic content that’s shareable across all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest too.

Convert Your Blog Post to Audio To Optimize

You can convert your blog post into audio to optimize it. You could use a service like Amazon Polly, or you might want an in-demand voiceover artist from Fiverr. The idea is that people will listen and enjoy the content more than if they were reading text – so this may be helpful for some of those who are not as strong readers!

You can also submit this converted audio to the various podcast to get more reach. Converting blog posts into podcasts has many benefits, including increased space, improved search engine optimization (SEO) rankings & even higher engagement rates with the audience because of its interactive nature.

Convert Your Blog Post Into A Lead Magnet

Another way you can optimize your blog post is to turn it into a lead magnet. This will encourage people interested in the content of that specific article or topic but not yet ready for complete conversion. You could use tools like Convertpro to create a subscription form to enable Lead Delivery. And because this type offers an easy-to clear path towards converting someone from visitor > subscriber/lead, many bloggers have found success using these tools over time too, so keep them on hand if possible :)”

Update Year Number in Your Post to Current Year

Another way to optimize your post is by updating the year number in each of them. This will help you keep track and ensure that all bases are up-to-date with current events, trends or news. And if it’s a yearly series like New Year Resolutions for 2021, this would be especially helpful! So update those numbers, so they’re accurate :)”

Bonus Tip: Schedule Your Blog Post To Various Social Media Channel

Another way to optimize your post is by scheduling it on various social media channels. It will help you reach a wider audience and make sure that all posts are up-to-date with current events, trends or news. And if they’re weekly series like What I’m Reading this Week, these would be especially helpful! So schedule those dates, so the content goes out at different times :)”

“The key here isn’t necessarily about getting new readers but rather making older ones happy!” -Megan M

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