10 Strategies Get More Followers on Instagram

If you are looking to grow your social media following, then Instagram is the place for you. It has more than 500 million monthly active users, and it’s a great way to reach a lot of people in one place. But if you want your account to be successful, there are some critical steps that you need to take first!

In this blog post, we will discuss ten strategies that will help increase your followers on Instagram so that you can finally start getting some results with social media marketing.

Use Good Hashtags 

 Hashtagging is a great way to get noticed on Instagram because people can search for the hashtag to find related content, which could be yours too if done right (i.e. use hashtags relevant). It would help if you also tried using trending tags so as not only to gain exposure but stay up-to with what’s popular at this moment.

You should create at least three hashtags per day as well – one with numbers (#hashtag-number), another without any number (without an “#” symbol) & finally include some popular ones. This is especially helpful when trying out new subjects/topics since there’s no risk involved on whether anyone would be following along from scratch; instead, all those posts have already been created, so now its just about getting them seen by potential fans.

Use Good Captions 

You can use captions to get more followers on Instagram by using famous words with your target audience. For example, if you’re targeting people who love fashion, use phrases like “shop my look” or even just a picture of what they could buy from the store!

Make Beautiful Posts 

You can also increase engagement and follower count for accounts through good pictures alone- but only when it’s relevant content (i.e. not food pics). Make sure there is something in each photo worth looking at so users will want to click follow/like button without hesitation.

Filter your pictures 

You can filter your pictures to make them more appealing to your followers. There are many different filters on Instagram that you can use for free, but there is a premium filter called “Nebula”, which I recommend using if possible.”

Filter the pictures in order of what time they were taken – this will help avoid any overlap. I would also suggest filtering by location, so people know where these beautiful places exist and want to go visit themselves!”

Engage with your followers

You can engage with your followers by following them and liking their posts. It will make it more likely that they’ll follow you back!

Post Consistently 

Posting consistently means posting daily or every other day, depending on how much time one has available. Consistency leads to engagement from users who want fresh new updates about an account/brand; plus, many studies show regular social media usage improves mental health.

Find Influencers to reach out to

Find influencers who are similar to your brand and engage with them by following, liking their posts. You can also comment on some of the things they post or mention you in a tweet – this will make it more likely that these people might follow back! If one is not sure how/where to find potential followers, then try using sites like Klout for finding influential social media users based on criteria such as follower count & engagement rates (i.e. likes per photo)

Create A Goal

You can set a specific goal to reach a certain number of followers or place an amount to spend on your marketing efforts. For example: “I want at least 100 new Instagram Followers by the end this week.”

Posting Frequently 

Posting at least once a day is an easy way to keep your followers engaged if you post more than that, even better! You can also try posting different content types (i.e. photos vs videos) and see what works best for the audience. It would help if you always were mindful about how often posts are shared on other people’s feeds. It will help with avoiding any overlap in when someone sees it twice or if they’re not interested because there was too much coming from one account lately.”

Posting at the right time of the day

It’s essential to post at the right time of day. If you’re posting during work hours, your followers will be asleep or busy working. They won’t see it until they get home from their job. If possible, try not to overlap with other accounts in terms that might confuse people seeing both posts on Instagram” “I recommend trying different times throughout a week (i..e Monday morning vs Friday evening) so that there is some variety.

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