Why You Need A WordPress Maintenance Plan

What is a Maintenance Plan

A WordPress website maintenance plan is basically a package that includes everything which can keep your WordPress website safe and secure. It provides you with many important features which can help you in the form of plugins, themes and most importantly weekly WordPress core updates that keep your website safe from all kinds of malicious threats. These maintenance plans also provide you with regular backups which are useful for you if by any chance your website is hacked or deleted due to some reason. They also provide a point of contact in the form of an email or phone number which you can use to get assistance whenever you need it.

Why opt for a Maintenance Plan

There are many reasons why you should opt for maintenance plans and some of them are mentioned below:

Regular Updates

If your website is not updated regularly then there are chances that it will be vulnerable to many online threats and also if you neglect your WordPress core updates then there is a possibility that your website can get hacked.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

When a new version of any WordPress theme or plugin comes into existence, most of the times plugins and themes are not upgraded automatically by the users which causes many compatibility issues and can even cause data loss in some cases. However, if you opt for a maintenance plan then these things will be handled by WordPress experts on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about any kind of plugin or theme incompatibility issue.


Backups are very important if your website is hacked because if your website becomes inaccessible and you do not have a backup then there is a possibility that all your data will be lost.

Any kind of Threats

If you are using a WordPress hosting service then it is possible that your website can get hacked due to some hacking threat which comes from outside the spectrum or due to human error. However, if you opt for a maintenance plan then these things will be handled by WordPress experts on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about any kind of malicious threat.

Contact with Expert

When it comes to dealing with online issues, every single problem is different and the only way in which you can get help regarding your WordPress website is if you know where to look and how to search for the correct answers. However, if you have opted for a maintenance plan then these things will be handled by WordPress experts on your behalf so that you can get assistance at any time of the day or night.

WordPress Maintenance Plan Is Necessary

A WordPress maintenance plan is a necessary tool for any business that relies on their website to generate revenue.  A well-maintained site will attract more visitors and give them a better experience, which in turn will lead to increased conversion rates.

WordPress Maintenance Plans Inclusions

By subscribing to a WordPress maintenance plan, you’ll be able to ensure that it will stay safe and up-to-date. WordPress maintenance plans include a comprehensive set of services such as security updates, backups, and web server monitoring.

Protect Your Website With Firewall

The security updates are important because they ensure that your website will be secure against any threats, whether they come from known vulnerabilities or new ones released in the future.

Leaving your site unattended for weeks in a row is an open invitation to all hackers. If someone were able to take over your WordPress-powered website, you could lose customers and incur costly disruptions to the operation of your business. A regular maintenance plan using the latest WordPress security measures can help keep these issues at bay.

Installation and Configuration of Firewalls can help protect your site against potential attacks. Even the most well-designed WordPress sites can have vulnerabilities that hackers can easily exploit. A firewall protects you against this possibility and ensures that your website will always be ready to use, even when threats arise.

Install Essential & Important Updates to Your Website.

For just like every business, a website needs to stay updated and safe. WordPress sites are especially prone to hacks because many aren’t updated regularly. If you don’t play an active role in the upkeep of your site, you will eventually lose functionality, be taken over by spam and malware, or fall prey to infection via an outdated plugin. A WordPress maintenance plan helps ensure that the updates are applied as soon as they’re released.

Provide Backup for Your Site

People often make the mistake of thinking that they’re limited to backups just for their data. This isn’t true, and there are many different ways that a backup can help you protect your website investment. You can save yourself from having to pay dearly for pricey repairs or site changes by making sure that you have backups in place.

Backing up your WordPress Website regularly will ensure that if something happens, you won’t lose any of your work. Your site can easily be restored to its former state so it’s ready for action again. With our WordPress Maintenance plan, a simple daily backup ensures that your site can be restored in case you need it.

As with any enterprise, avoiding risk is an important aspect of website management. With a maintenance plan for your site, you’ll be sure to avoid a disastrous setback in the digital operations.

Provide Maintenance & Website Edit Support

Websites can be a challenging thing to operate for a variety of reasons. Website owners may have tech-illiteracy and fear that operating a website could be something they cannot tackle on their own. Lack of knowledge about WordPress maintenance means more work, but fortunately you don’t have to worry about this obstacle any longer if you opt for WordPress Maintenance Plans.

Most people are not confident in managing their website. A WordPress maintenance plan will give you access to qualified experts through phone, email and online chat who can help with any issues you encounter

WordPress Maintenance Plans make it easy to edit your site. In the off chance that you want to change a blog post or add some new photos, plans can take care of it for you – so now there is even less need to worry about any technical know-how!

Main features WordPress Maintenance include

  • Update Core WordPress Files to Stable Versions
  • Update Plugins and Themes to latest stable versions
  • Create Backup of all WP-related Files, Database and Credentials
  • Check Security of WordPress Installation.
  • Compile and Check Security of installed Theme
  • Automatically Install Necessary Plugins
  • Batch Update Plugin Settings to Optimal Settings
  • Perform SEO-Focused Maintenance Tasks for your Site.
  • Optimize Website for Speed
  • Remove Spam and Trash Files from your Site.
  • Reduce Resource Usage (Database, CPU, Memory) for better Performance.
  • Schedule Automatic Daily & Weekly Tasks for your WordPress Website with Maintenance plans.
  • Check for Updates and Fix Broken Links.
  • Compile List of 404 Errors & Broken Links on your Site.
  • Automatically Perform Website Optimization Tasks like Caching, Minify & Defer Scripts.
  • Compile List of Minor/Major Issues Found from Google PageSpeed Insights Checker Tool Results.
  • Resolve all issues

All of these benefits make investing in a WordPress Maintenance Plan well worth the investment and will ensure your website’s success!

Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

The benefits of having your site properly maintained are many: it’ll improve the user’s experience, increase the value of your site, provide you with peace of mind about cybersecurity issues, and allow you to focus on what matters most – your area of expertise. With so many advantages at stake, it would be foolish not to invest in a WordPress maintenance plan.

Many website owners are not experienced in web design and the maintenance of a website. For this reason, they end up spending too much time updating the website, which takes time away from their business.

The time that should be spent in developing their business, they are spending on fixing website errors due to improper WordPress maintenance. It is necessary to hire professional WordPress Maintenance Company for your website as a single mistake during any maintenance task can be be extremely costly for your business.

XENRION – WordPress Maintenance Company

XENRION is a WordPress Maintenance plan company that has the expertise to maintain your site’s security and functionality. We provide daily website backups in addition to updates so you’ll never miss out on anything from our WordPress maintenance plans.

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