Top 10 Reasons To Use Email Marketing For Your Business

email marketing

Email Marketing is not just for large businesses. Anyone can benefit from using Email Marketing – you just have to know how. In this article, I’ll show you 10 reasons why you should consider email marketing as part of your business model. 

1. Email Marketing is Less Intrusive Than Other Forms of Advertising

Do you enjoy being interrupted by an ad?  If not, then you’re in luck! Email marketing allows you to reach your audience at the right time – when they are most receptive.   Your email can be sent directly into their inbox.

With other forms of advertising, you are interrupting your audience – they cannot ignore radio ads or billboards. With email marketing, the ads are approaching them when they are open to receiving information that can help them in some way.

2. Email Marketing Allows You to Build a Relationship With Your Customers

Just like you, I prefer being marketed to when it’s relevant to me – not just advertising that side of the business which might be irrelevant. The reason why email marketing is so effective is because it allows you to build a relationship with your customers.

It’s personal, it’s relevant, and it’s helpful – not intrusive. If done right, your customers will look forward to receiving your email. They’ll open it eagerly, and learn something that will help them in some way.

Your business will stand out because you are actively providing value to your customers.

3. Email Marketing Is Easy To Track

By using email marketing, you can track who opened your email and who didn’t . Email marketing provides a lot of information about your target audience, which you wouldn’t get from other forms of advertising.

For example, you can see if your email was opened by the recipient. You also know how many times your email was viewed. If someone opens your email 3 times but decides not to read through it, then they are probably not interested in what you have to say.

On the other hand, if a person is opening your email several times, then they are probably interested in your products.

4. Email Marketing Can Be Personalized For Every Individual Customer

The beauty of email marketing is the ability to personalize your message for each and every individual customer. You can use the information you’ve collected to address their distinct needs, wants and preferences.

This way, you can send them an email that is personalised just for them! You know what type of products interests them the most so you can send them information that is relevant to their needs.

5. It’s Cheap Compared To Other Ways Of Advertising

Email marketing is much cheaper than other forms of advertising, such as radio or TV ads.  The cost-effectiveness of email marketing is an excellent incentive for businesses who want to test the water with a small budget before investing more.

6. It’s Simple And Straightforward

Email marketing is simple and straightforward. It’s perfect for business owners who don’t have a lot of time or technical skill to create new content or build a website.

All you need to do is create an email template, and compose the email itself. Don’t worry about creating new content or designing a website – you can do all of that with the help of your email service provider.

You don’t need to create new content or design a website, just send an email.

7. Email Marketing has High Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of email marketing is high because recipients take notice of your targeted message. It’s not just an advertisement or promotional message, but a relevant offer that is tailored to their needs. This is the beauty of email marketing that separates it from other forms of advertising – you are actually providing value to your audience.

8. Email Marketing Can Be used For Lead Generation

Email marketing can be useful for lead generation with the help of website popups and forms.   Just think about how many times you’ve submitted your email address to a website in order to access something that was relevant and helpful – if in return, they give you a relevant offer, wouldn’t it be a good incentive for you?

Email marketing can be very effective for generating leads because your potential customers are interested to learn more about your products or services.

Also, because email marketing is not intrusive, it works very well with your target audience since they are open to receiving helpful information that can benefit them in some way!

9. Emails are read more than social media posts, text messages, or even phone calls.

This is true. Emailed messages are opened more than social media posts, text messages, or even phone calls. So if you’re not actively using email marketing yet, then it’s about time you start!

10. Increase sales without making big changes to your business.

You can easily increase sales without making big changes to your business. In fact, you can start an email marketing campaign TODAY with absolutely NO investment!  Try it out and see how successful your email marketing campaign is in a couple of weeks.

Ultimately, email marketing is the best way to reach your customers and will get more people on board with your business. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution or would like to try it out before investing in a more comprehensive plan, our team can provide everything you need! Have any of these tips helped increase sales? Let us know how we can help make your company better at