Optimizing Website Creation With BulkPress

In the fast-paced world of web development, every minute counts. When crafting client websites based on approved sitemaps, efficiency is key. At XENRION, we often turn to the trusty Bulk Press plugin, which has served us impeccably for over seven years.

Why we prefer Bulk Press

Building the standard pages for a client website – Home, About, Services/Product, Contact Us, Blog – is a breeze. However, when you’re tasked with creating 20 to 25 pages, it can become a time-consuming endeavor. That’s where Bulk Press comes into play, streamlining the page creation process efficiently and effectively.

Here’s how we utilize Bulk Press for our website builds:

1. Installation and Activation

Start by installing and activating the Bulk Press plugin. This tried-and-true tool seamlessly integrates with WordPress, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

2. Accessing Bulk Press

Once the plugin is activated, you’ll find the Bulk Press tab in the WordPress Admin panel. This is your gateway to faster page creation.

3. Creating Pages in Bulk

To create multiple pages swiftly, navigate to the ‘Posts’ section within Bulk Press. Here, you can choose the post type you want to create – whether it’s pages or posts.

4. Simple Page Input

In the ‘Posts’ section, you’ll encounter a user-friendly interface. To add page titles in bulk, simply paste the page names in the left text box, separating each page title with a new line. If you need to organize pages hierarchically, you can specify parent-child relationships by entering the full post path, separating different post titles by slashes (/).

5. Handling Special Characters

Should your post titles include slashes, you can escape them by adding a backslash before each one. For instance, “Audio/Video” will result in a post titled “Audio” with a child post titled “Video.” However, if you wish to retain the slash in the title, input it as “Audio/Video” to create a post titled “Audio/Video.”

The Efficiency Advantage

In a month filled with numerous website builds, efficiency becomes paramount. At XENRION, we’re continually seeking ways to optimize our website development process. Bulk Press proves to be an invaluable tool in our arsenal, allowing us to create pages and posts swiftly and accurately.

In conclusion, Bulk Press is a time-tested solution that aligns perfectly with XENRION’s commitment to efficient website development. By utilizing this plugin, we ensure that our clients receive their websites promptly, while maintaining the high-quality standards we’re known for. Join us in making website creation a more streamlined and efficient endeavor with Bulk Press!

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