Professional WordPress Website for Hotel & Motel Owners

Are you a hotel owner? This can be an exciting time for your business as it is likely to experience more growth and success. However, with this increased responsibility also comes the need for professional website design services. WordPress is a great option because it’s easy to use and costs less than other options like .

Features required in WordPress Website for Hotel

wordpress website for hotel

Booking system for hotel rooms and suites

Booking system for hotel rooms and suites is required to make it easy for customers to book rooms and suites. Booking system should be able make reservations in advance, offer discounts on certain days or times of the year e-commerce integration with payment gateways like PayPal is also required so that guests can pay online without having a credit card number stored by hotel management software provider (which may not have

View of the various rooms and suites

View of the various rooms and suites is required so that guests can see what they are booking. The website should have a map which shows where each hotel room or suite is located in relation to other parts on property like restaurants, pools etc., as well show pictures for different types available with pricing information next them if possible.

List of restaurants available

It would be good idea to also list restaurants available with the hotel. This way, guests can see what is available nearby and decide if they want to eat at a restaurant on property or not.

Various Amenities available

Hotel should also list the various amenities available for guests. This way, they can see what is offered and decide if it meets their needs or not before booking a room with the hotel One of these things that should be listed in this section are fitness facilities as well as laundry services on property so people know whether to pack clothes accordingly when coming here from far away places.

Contact Location

Contact information should also be listed in this section. This way, people who are interested can contact the hotel to ask questions or book a room for themselves and their family members.

Various Sight Seeings Available Nearby

This can help people who are looking for things to do in the area know what is available and how close it may be. For example, if a person was interested only because they wanted something nearby that would keep them busy while staying at your hotel or motel then this section can help point out some of those activities so people will have an idea before coming here. They can plan their itinerary while planning their stay.

Awards and Recognition received by Hotel from Various Industries

Showcasing awards and recognition received by the hotel from various industries can help to show that it is a reputable establishment and has been recognized for its excellence. Awards are often given out in different ways, so this section should include awards or recognitions awarded at an industry-specific event as well those granted more broadly such through customer surveys on sites like TripAdvisor etc.

Testimonials from Various Happy Customers / Patrons

You can also showcase testimonials from various happy customers. This can be done by displaying a few testimonials on the homepage of your site, or you could create an entire page dedicated to showcasing these reviews in detail with photos and videos if possible.

Features of Our WordPress Website Design Package for Hotel / Motels

We use wordpress for developing website for hotels because it is easy to use and has a lot of features. WordPress allows us to create a website that is tailored specifically for your needs. We offer different packages depending on the size of business and what features you need in order to have an effective site with all necessary functionality, such as booking engine or online store etc., so please contact us if interested!

We are specialized WordPress Website Design Company providing features like

Responsive WordPress Website for Hotel

Responsive design that will work on any device, from desktop to mobile. This means your website is accessible and easy-to use no matter where someone goes online with their smartphone or tablet computer! It also works across different browsers so visitors can enjoy

Custom Theme For Your Hotel and Brand

We will customize design to match your hotel or motel’s branding and style. You can also choose from one of our pre-built layout, so you don’t have to worry about the design process! We will customize these designs as well if needed in order make them perfect.

Booking Integration for WordPress Site for Hotel

Booking integration which lets you submit your site to various booking websites to show your availability and get more bookings. All booking aggregating sites can add your site to their listings, and you can choose which ones. We add the ability to add a booking form on your site so you can take reservations directly from there. This is great for hotels and motels because it means people don’t have go anywhere else, they just fill out the reservation request through their browser window!

Amazing theme to showcase your brand your hotel

We have a team of developers that can help you with any customizations or modifications to the theme. You will be able for add your own logo, change colors and fonts as well make sure everything is perfect before going live.

Get in touch with us today and we can get started on your new wordpress website for hotel.

We offer a free consultation to see what is possible with the theme and our services, so you will know exactly how much it would cost before moving forward! That way there are no surprises or hidden fees later down in process when they need more changes done too quickly for budgeting purposes